30 for 30 Campaign

The time has arrived, It is my Birthday Month!!!!!

I will be turning 30 on Monday, June 26th!!!  

In turning 30, I believe it is important to continue investing in my calling: service. Service has become my passion through my organization, Crowning Lupus. To invest in my passion, I want to bless more lupus survivors and the students we serve through our programs & scholarships in my "30 Days of Giving Campaign" for the month of June. But I need your help!  

I would like 150 people to donate $30.00. You only turn 30 once!!!! Please help me celebrate this occasion by donating to an organization whose proven to be a vital entity of the community. As a 501(c)(3) organization, your donation is tax deductible. Please find it in your heart to donate $30.00 on our website at www.crowninglupus.com

The goal of the campaign is to sew seeds of growth, hope, and opportunity into Crowning Lupus. 


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