Royal Lupus is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with Lupus in the state of South Carolina, and beyond. Royal Lupus spear-heads different programs and events throughout the region.


Royal Voices – A Mentoring Program

Seeking guidance from the media and/or their peers, it is vitally important to have individuals willing to reach back. Royal Voices, a mentoring gateway and program that provides mentors for middle and high school students, is an opportunity to equip college students and adults with the tools necessary to inspire our youth to reach their heights.

Currently, we are working the nonprofit organization, Elevation. This group is stationed at Lower Richland High school in Hopkins, South Carolina, right outside of Columbia, South Carolina. Royal Voices plans on continuing expansion of its mentors across South Carolina and the CSRA regions of Georgia.

Royal Readers – A Reading Program for Kids with Lupus

Crowning Lupus understands the importance of nurturing our youth. The children represent our future! They are the seeds that will blossom to create different foundations for generations to come. For children suffering from chronic illness, life can be based on atypical circumstances. With numerous visits in and out of the hospital, most children cannot fathom the idea of play time or activities in their schedule. It is our job to make that idea a reality! Royal Readers will be a reading program that targets children in the hospital suffering from chronic illness. Visiting the hospital 3 days out of the month, each volunteer will provide books of all types to each child on the patient floor. Whether coloring or fundamental based books, we want every child to receive their “play time.” But not only will we provide books for the children, we will have “reading time” so their minds can wonder and explore the possibilities despite their circumstances.

Jade Nealious


Jade is a lupus survivor and Founder of Crowning Lupus